VIDEO: Remembering Pittard Sullivan

Whenever I need some inspiration, I remind myself of how much fun it was to work for Pittard Sullivan during the height of the boom. I get a creative boost watching this old demo reel that we toted through narrow, winding London streets and played for prospective clients. The U.K. was booming with cutting edge creative boutiques in 2000 — and many were skeptical about considering firms from “across the pond” — but this reel made the “Americans” instant contenders — and made more than a few jaws drop.

Despite the age of this work, you’ll likely see plenty of familiar branding work. Graphics processing has progressed light-years since this was produced — yet almost all of the design and effects still look great even by 2012 standards. It’s a tribute to the amazing talent once amassed by this legendary firm and to founders Billy Pittard and Ed Sullivan.

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