How Sbg Targets New Customers And Revenue Sources

Sbg’s customer targeting is part of our strategic marketing and advertising service that all our clients enjoy. Our targeting and creative approaches are among our most valued services, and for good reason. We often encounter businesses that did almost everything right – yet learned that marketing is unforgiving, and unforgiving on many levels. Falter in targeting, timing, creative execution — or on any other single tactical point — and campaigns won’t be as effective as they could be, if they’re effective at all.

Don’t waste time and money learning through mistakes. Let Sbg put you on the right track – we’ll ensure you reach as many potential customers as possible using a three stage approach.

1. Platform


By “Platform” we simply mean media type or channel. The question is where and how to best market? Websites, billboards, PPC ads, trade shows, direct email/mail, social media, television — the options are staggering. It’s all about putting your marketing where it counts when it counts. Missteps aren’t just expensive, they can cause marketing to fail outright. Enjoy the confidence of Sbg’s research and experience to direct you to the best, most cost-efficient platforms to reach potential customers or clients.

Strategic Marketing Platform Selection Sheets - Sbg Marketing Consultants

Sbg uses a flexible, “pilot-checklist” approach developed and refined over 25 years. We consider hundreds of digital and traditional marketing avenues. We select only platforms likely to deliver strong returns on your investment and that can be cross-leveraged to maximize marketing impact.

2. Visibility


Simply advertising on the right platforms offers no visibility guarantees. AdWords demands expertise and ongoing management, magazine ads may be buried in back pages, poorly planned social media efforts may generate few sales.

Sbg employs timing, negotiation, and technical know-how to ensure visibility on traditional and digital marketing platforms. We optimize media schedules, SEO, web and social media engagement strategies. Our sales collateral lands in the right hands and is read. Sbg ensures your marketing isn’t overlooked.

3. Message


You’re in the right place at the right time. All your potential customers are listening. What should you say? No matter how brilliantly placed, marketing that carries flawed creative approaches or messages will fail or, worse, may even offend potential clients. Many platforms from print to social media to web listing services offer free “creative execution” as incentive to buy ad placements or other services. Unfortunately, as competent as these specialists may otherwise be, they’re not brand advocates, nor can they coordinate creative work with other platforms. Scattered, incoherent, and ineffective marketing results.

Let Sbg put our decades of design, copy and creative skills to work for you. We’ll ensure consistent, collaborative messages and creative work that convert your prospects to payers.

It’s unrealistic to expect business operators to have the specialized skills or time required to out-market their competition. Take advantage of Sbg to maximize the potential of your business.

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