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Businesses routinely use accountants, lawyers, electricians, and other skilled professionals to handle important tasks. Yet when it comes to marketing — a critical success component — many of these same businesses manage marketing themselves. Without on-board expertise, the results typically disappoint, and substantial sums are invested in efforts that bring no returns.

It’s no surprise that businesses feel self-reliance is the only option. Marketing demands strategic thinking predicated upon knowledge and skills that cover the worlds of design, technology, statistics and analysis, and business operations. Meanwhile, purported “marketers” inundate businesses with offerings such as SEO, web design, social media management, and more. Each represents only a fractional slice of proper business marketing, and each offers an equally fractional “marketing” vision.

How can businesses not only assess, retain, and manage a group of specialty providers but also coordinate them to fulfill a cohesive plan — if such a plan is in place? The answer is that most can’t, and full-service agencies are often out of financial reach. That’s where Sbg comes in.

Many operators incorrectly assume they can’t afford quality, professional marketing guidance. In truth, charting the right marketing course at onset is typically much less expensive than writing off failed efforts or correcting misguided efforts down the line. Moreover, Sbg strives to build growth plans that work for a wide range of business budgets while keeping personnel and related overhead costs off your plate.

The downside for businesses that self-market:

  • Time consuming demands of managing multiple specialists or services
  • Zero-return costs of pursuing narrow tactics rather than growth-producing strategies
  • Disconnected marketing initiatives that fail to reach qualified prospects
  • Reduced ability for management and staff to focus on the core business
  • Uncertainty resulting from wondering where your business might be if properly marketed

How do you find competent and affordable marketing help? Marketing companies face no tests or licensing standards (Sbg wishes they did), so there is no simple way to verify competency, and big name agencies are rarely within financial reach.


Businesses receive unsolicited, quick-fix pitches from parties claiming specialized expertise in SEO, AdWords, Social Media, and more. Scams aside, these offerings are niche efforts. These specialties have purposes, but the relative importance of each depends entirely on the nature and details of your business situation. None represent a “marketing strategy.”

What to look for in a professional marketing or advertising company or consultant:

  • A verifiable track record guiding successful marketing for a variety of businesses
  • Articulate, informative answers and solutions to your growth challenges
  • Experience executing campaigns across a wide range of digital/traditional media
  • Creative capabilities and technical skills that keep pace with the market
  • A network of industry professionals to contend with unique or specialized challenges
  • Honest communication — a willingness to tell you what you need to hear
  • Recommendations, referrals, or testimonials from clients or associates

Sbg meets the criteria.  We’ve successfully marketed for large corporations and we’ve marketed small businesses — not just as consultants, but as equity operators and owners.  Our services scale to fit a wide range of marketing needs thanks to a network of experienced collaborative partners prepared to deliver top-tier goods. For Houston-based business, we bring local, Houston marketing expertise.


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