Social Media Marketing: Managing the Challenge

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Quora. Pinterest. You know you need to use social media marketing but where should you start? And what about SEO, inbound marketing, and mobile media? Sbg will help.

Social media marketing (SMM) sounds easy, but setting up accounts, customizing social media pages, and updating relevant material demand a substantial and sustained time commitment. Real gains require content and keyword planning, funneling strategies, and more. Geo-location-based social media, such as Gowalla and Foursquare, add another layer of strategic complexity.  All of these social media marketing strategies, of course, must mesh with your overall advertising and marketing efforts for maximum effectiveness.

Sbg guides you to the social platforms that benefit your business. We define a clear course for employing those platforms to engage potential customers. We incorporate social media into your overall marketing strategy, and we identify processes and techniques to make content placement manageable. We handle technical setup, design, and strategically appropriate, automated content propagation. Most importantly, we ensure your social media marketing drives revenue.

Don’t just post and upload. Unravel the complexity of SMM and achieve a sharp, strategic, business-based focus. Call Sbg today at 713-588-4417 for a no risk marketing consultation.


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