Mobile Marketing: Is Your Business Ready?

iPads. Smart phones. Tablets. Consumers increasingly access the web on devices other than traditional PC’s. These devices run a variety of operating systems and mobile browsers, meaning most standard websites often display so poorly that site navigation is difficult.

Not so long ago the only answer was to maintain a second, mobile-specific website — something only larger businesses could afford.

Mobile-friendly web solutions are within reach thanks to advances in design and development techniques. Now, businesses can maintain just one site that presents the same content in formats tailored to a wide variety of screen sizes – often without a complete redesign. Sbg focuses development on the most popular devices, ensuring your online presence looks terrific to the broadest possible audience.

If your website is more than a few years old — and lacks mobile-responsive or mobile-specific design, it’s time to re-connect with your customers. Let Sbg help you provide a positive experience to the millions of consumers who rely on mobile phones, iPads, and other devices for goods and services purchasing decisions.

Don’t ignore the mobile revolution. Call Sbg for a no risk consultation today at 713-588-4417.

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