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Houston Reflections: Downtown

If you own or operate a small business in Houston, you know you’re in a dynamic and competitive market.

Houston is a great city for business — and for small business in particular — in part because of the many media outlets, events, and venues available to reach highly targeted audiences and groups. Yet, as the 10th largest Nielsen DMA (television market), mass media is expensive. For larger clients, media costs may pose no issue. But achieving a broad reach in a big city can strain small businesses budgets – or keep them from marketing altogether. That’s where Sbg comes in. As equity partners and owner/operators of several small businesses ourselves, we’ve seen how quickly employing deep marketing expertise can boost the bottom line. With Sbg, you can expect your ad dollars to reach farther, and to eliminate marketing expenditures delivering weak returns.

Sbg doesn’t just know Houston, we know Houston business. Our long background acquiring and marketing content for local television outlets (KTXH and KRIV – see About Sbg) gives us invaluable insights into what “Houston” likes. We’ve extensively researched qualitative and quantitative measures of Houston’s consumer base and behaviors. We’ve marketed local, consumer retail and service businesses, professional firms, and B2B firms. We know first-hand how Houston responds to various strategies and creative approaches. While many outsiders hold misconceptions about Texas and Houston — Sbg fully grasps and knows how to leverage the diversity, sophistication, and geographic scale of the Houston metropolitan area.

Sbg loves helping Houston’s businesses — and small businesses in particular — flourish through our knowledge of the Bayou City. You’ve nothing to lose: whether or not you choose to use Sbg today, we’ll offer valuable, concrete and actionable advice to point you in the right direction.