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Digital and traditional marketing and advertising strategies. Conversion-oriented sales approaches and associated collateral. Superb creative and technical execution. Sbg has the solutions to turn common small business weaknesses into strengths.

Sbg began in 2009 with the mission of helping business grow through results-oriented advertising and marketing. Sbg maintains a lean operation, leveraging a network of experienced, independent professionals to reduce costs for client businesses and provide substantial value. Sbg’s scalable service model makes top-tier advertising and marketing services — previously unaffordable for most small businesses — accessible to growth-minded owners and operators.

Stan Wasilik – Chief Strategist

Stan Wasilik, Founder: Prior to launching Sbg Marketing, Stan Wasilik spent 25 years creating advertising campaigns, marketing businesses, and acquiring and developing content in the continental U.S., Europe, and San Juan, PR. Stan held VP and Director positions in Creative Services, Research, Marketing, Interactive Sales, and Program/Content Acquisitions. His roster of employers includes Paramount Pictures Station Group, Fox Television Stations, and Pittard Sullivan in London and Los Angeles. Stan is a marketer whose perspective incorporates lessons learned in the corporate world and lessons learned as an equity partner, owner, and operator of small retail and service businesses.

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Collaborative Associates

Sbg’s associations extend to some of the very best professional marketers and specialists in the industry — and we wouldn’t want to operate without access to their knowledge, skills, and expertise. The list below is by no means complete, but we’re proud to have collaborative relationships with these firms and individuals.


John Holland – JCIH, London

John Holland Consultancy, UK/Europe: As a senior consultant, John focuses on strategic marketing and product issues, competitive intelligence, and market analysis.

John is the former Head of Interactive Television at the BBC and ran the European arms of several US media businesses, including Pittard Sullivan and Ensequence. John has worked both as a journalist and a program producer with the BBC, ITN, Sky and Visnews (now Reuters TV) and brings extensive production experience and decades of strategic work in digital/interactive media to the table.

John’s broad resumé covers terrestrial, cable and satellite TV, online, and print — and includes experience both in large corporations and in leading start-up operations. John’s academic connections are strong as well – he is a former Media City Director for the University of Salford in Manchester, a Cranfield University School of Management alumni, and a member of the Royal Television Society.

John has known Sbg management for many years and worked closely with Stan Wasilik “in a former life” (Pittard Sullivan).

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Rich Driscoll - Brand Strategist

Rich Driscoll – Strategic Brand Advisor

Rich Driscoll: Rich is a brand strategist with particular skill in strategic messaging — conveying and articulating the promise of value to customers. His background includes working with global agencies – such as Bates Worldwide; and with small-to-mid-size groups – such as FKM and The Point Group, and Hollinden.

Rich worked on brands such as Snickers, Prudential, and Shell Global Solutions as well as on startups such as Edoxx. He currently handles strategic marketing for FloodBreak and consults on marketing strategy for small businesses and startups.

Rich and Sbg first met on a client project in 2010 and quickly developed a strategic, synergistic, collaborative relationship.

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Tolu Sonaike – Development & Design

Tolu Sonaike: Tolu is a creative Web/Winform applications developer with extensive experience in full project life cycle management. Tolu’s experience covers interactive design, development, deployment of e-commerce applications, web portals, online report applications, and intranet management applications.

Tolu possesses an invaluable knowledge of code standards, browser compatibility issues, site structure, information architecture, usability, and navigation design protocol. Tolu employs strong architecture and object oriented design and modeling skills using UML/RUP.

For the technically inclined, Tolu is fluent in ASP.NET, C#.NET, VB.NET, PHP, and PYTHON program languages.  He is equally adept with HTML5, CSS3, JAVASCRIPT, AJAX, XML, and XSLT. Tolu works with a variety of content management systems including Drupal, WordPress, Magento, and Opencart. Tolu’s range of expertise – from MYSQL / SQL Server to MS Access plus to server (Apache, IIS, NGINX, Lighttpd) and OS (Windows, Ubunto, OSX) – leaves few development or technical challenges beyond his reach.

Tolu and Sbg have collaborated on a number of digital projects since Sbg launched.

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Stacey Panson Design

Stacey Panson – Design: Stacey is a senior-level designer with vast experience conceptualizing, developing, designing, and managing marketing and advertising projects.

As a business-minded professional with a diverse portfolio, Stacey brings fresh creativity, ingenuity, professionalism, and insight to every initiative. Stacey is comfortable working with structured creative briefs or with a blank canvas as well as with strict brand standards or less formal guidelines.

Stacey’s design expertise and software proficiency span a broad range of mediums, from Web-based design to traditional print advertising. She is a creative and passionate personality and meticulous about detail. With both speed and diligence, Stacey leverages the industry’s most current design tools to produce persuasive and compelling designs – even those with multifaceted design requirements.

Stacey’s connection with Sbg Marketing extends back to the early 1990’s, when Stacey and Stan Wasilik both worked for WBFS-TV in Miami.

Stacey on Linkedin | Stacey / Positively Creatives site

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